Friday, March 5, 2010

Belated Valentines - v1.0

So there you have it...
I'm considering this a sketch, or version (1.0) because I can see, now that it is finished, the things that need to change in order to make a really strong image of this concept. I'll have to do something about the poorly considered designs in the lower third, perhaps accentuate the gore just a little bit and in the most elegant manner possible, of course. Most importantly, and I didn't see this until I had begun inking, the image here contradicts the saying "head over heels", as his heels are, in fact over his head. I will be sure the correct this in the next image by displaying his severed head* in mid-fall somewhere below his knees and, indeed, over his heels.

Also, the colors aren't really at all what I want them to be, so I'll take another shot at that as well.

*St. Valentine became a martyr upon his beheading.