Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fatal Foliage v1.0

These poisonous pretties are part of a collection I'm working on.

I'm not sure how 'complete' they should be.. I like the slightly unfinished look, but can't decide if that is really acceptable. I'll add more details and post the update soon.

edit: as with most water colors, these look so so much better in person. come visit me and I'll show you!

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jen brown said...

I really love these. I agree that I like them in this sort of simple state, but that perhaps the Department might prefer a more detailed rendition?

These remind me of a time I bought a friend a venus fly trap for a birthday, and she reached inside the bag as everyone sort of let out a gasp of laughter and she paused to ask "Uuhhh, will it bite me?" and as I tried to say "n-noo" it ever so softly closed down a mouth on one of her fingertips and she screamed and cried. that little plant didnt live very long. they never do, in new jersey. but then again, they're only as beautiful as they are deadly, to everything but flies...