Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ladies with Hats

Back when I used to be a more active alley forager I would find some real treasures, especially in the old brownstone Baltimore city neighborhood I once called home. With a little patience and some ignorant bravery, one could scavenge some really glorious garbage among the broken glass and discarded syringes. One such object I discovered was a Victorian photo album full of miniature portrait photographs. I have created these drawings in an attempt to bring these faces back into the world after a century of hiding away.

I don't have much experience with portraits but I thought these would make interesting studies. Plenty of imperfections in the proportions of the face, etc. but I like the mood and the look of them. Hopefully I'll have more to show soon~

all are graphite on Rives BFK

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Marika McCoola said...

These are lovely. What size are they?